I don't remember a time when music was not a major part of my life. My mother was a beautiful singer, and music constantly enveloped our modest, dysfunctional home. She loved and lived country music, thus my first and greatest influence - Dolly, Loretta, Tammy, Kitty, and Patsy. Of course, as my world got bigger, so did my scope. That is reflected in the songs I write.

I would say that most of my songs are autobiographical, with a little artistic license for good measure and rhyme. I won't tell you which. I released The Way I Am in 2012, and am always working on the next.

Of the recording, one reviewer wrote: “With all the studio magic, lush sounds and Autotuned perfection available today, almost anybody can be a recording artist. One thing that can't be manufactured, however, is great songs and when you combine that with a voice capable of presenting them in their best possible light, you've got something special. The Way I Am contains a strong set of songs that individually evoke a painter's pallet of moods and collectively fuel a great hour's worth of entertainment” - Morley Seaver – Read Seaver’s full review at

The Way I Am