Spring is in the Air

April 1, 2018

Happy April, Happy Easter, Happy Spring and Happy Belated Birthday to me.

I have just recently celebrated another birthday. I like birthdays for many reasons. This one, I spent with two dear sister friends. It was a wonderfully rainy and dismal, late March St. John's Day, so other than a walk with the Toots, between the raindrops, we stayed in. We had fish tacos, red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and wine, a lovely chat about everything and nothing, and watched Lady Bird.

The film wasn't what we thought it would be, after all the hype, but we certainly all agreed that it reminded us of our generation's version of that coming of age genre, Pretty in Pink. Remember that one? Ah, a road trip down memory lane, another reason I like birthdays. Thanks Witches!

In honour of road trips and birthdays, I want to re-post an entry from a couple of years ago.

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