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  1. Where's That Girl

From the recording The Way I Am


Where’s That Girl? (The Picture Song) by Roxanne Delage
She put on a face and closed the door
Like she’d done a hundred thousand times before
Too many years behind that smile
Think she’ll cry for a while
She dreamed of places far away
Was life and love that made her stay
Second chances they don’t mean a thing
Just the thought of what they’d bring
Where is that girl?
Where did she go?
Where is that girl, I used to know?
All she’s got is yesterday
Tomorrow just gets in the way
She thinks of where or when or who am I
Somewhere the truth’s behind a lie.
Lead (verse)
Lead (chorus)
Chorus x2
Where is that girl that I long to see
Where’s that girl, I used to be
She put on a face and closed the door