1. Cold Wind


Cold Wind by Roxanne Delage

She said she’d be his lover
He said he’d love no other
They got married on a winter’s day
Cold wind blowing her veil that way
So in love and vowed they’d stay that way
Should a cold wing blow their way

The house he built, she made into a home
Never once they’d spend the night alone
Things got busy and life slipped a way
Who thought the bright sky would turn grey
When they weren’t looking dark went the day
A cold wind blowing their way

And then one day temptation came to town
The love they built that wind just tore it down
Lost her faith threw her ring on the ground
She turned and walked away; he couldn’t make her stay

He searched for her everywhere
Of her broken heart, he was well aware
He fell to his knees said I’m sorry darling
All is forgiven she would say
Never again would they think of parting
Should a cold wind blow their way