Message in the Sand words and music by Roxanne Delage

We had walked a fine line between forever and it must be over
Time and time again you know
We crossed that line we’d drawn so long ago
We missed the tide come in
We missed the crashing waves near knocked me to the ground
But in the ebb, there by your hand
A message I had found
A message in the sand (x2)
And I know the words you want to say to me
Saying “I love you,” won’t come easily
I don’t hear the sound of music to my ear
Still I understand, your message in the sand

Let’s go back in time just you and me back to a place we used to go
There we’ll find a happy man, there by the sea, the man we used to know
It’s not always easy; you know I can’t read your mind
Just as sure as tide won’t ebb and flow at my command
We’ll find a message in the sand

Chorus... Message in the sand.... (X ad infinitum)