From the recording The Way I Am


Lyin’, Cheatin’, Hurtin’, Schemin’, Games By Roxanne Delage

(Verse) No you, don’t come darken my door
Don’t you know I don’t want you no more?
We’re through; I’ve heard it all before
(Chorus) Your lyin’, cheatin’, hurtin’, schemin’ games
You tell me I was the one who was to blame
But I know that you’re
Liar, cheater, hurtin’ schemer
I know all your names
And your lyin’, cheatin’, hurtin’, schemin’ games
(Verse) So blue, that I could be such a fool
It’s true; you’ve broken all of the rules
Who knew; that you could be so cruel?
(Bridge) I’ll be better yet when you’re a memory
Sometimes a drink will help, I’ve found
Life without you darling, is misery
Much like having you around
Ad lib